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NSR provides 21st century, measured advertising and marketing.
We sell placement on Google's first page of organic search results.

We are specialists in search engine optimisation. Over 15 years of studying the web and how Google generates its search results, we have a firm understanding of what it takes to be on Page One. Our track record within the fire and security industry is proven for many areas across the United Kingdom.

If you are looking to improve your search rankings, or wish to start your fire and security business with a solid step forward, contact our experts and we'll help you to achieve results through the web.

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So where is my website on search engines?

This is one of the questions we are most commonly asked here at Vector7.

This is a fair question, but it doesn't take in consideration how complex a matter it is. Yes, we can get your security website to the top of the search engine results for what you do and where you do it. But you are not going to score for "Security Company Sydney" when you are in fact a self-employed security installer from Birmingham. A great amount of time and effort is put in by our experienced web experts to make sure that we know what people are looking for and where your website figures in what they see.

It is nice to see how your website stacks up against the competition, but it is important to note here that what you see is not necessarily what your customers will see.

Google's primary purpose is to help you find what you are looking for on the internet. Our primary purpose is to build you a website that Google will find when someone searches for "what you do, where you do it".

This isn't as straightforward as it used to be.

Over the past decade, Google has been trying very hard to work out exactly where you are when you carry out a search. If it thinks what you are searching for is a local business or service, it will try to find suitable local results for you. Google works this out by remembering what you have searched for in the past, and giving excess weight to any website you have already looked at. Most of the time, this isn't a problem. You want Google to find things that you are looking for.

But... what if you are looking at Google to work out exactly where in the search results you are appearing?

One of two things will happen: either your website will appear further down the results than it should, because you have been looking at the competition's websites to see what they are up to, or your website will be higher than it should be.



The results you see in Google will be skewed by what you have already been looking at.



Use a totally separate web browser purely for checking search positioning.

Compensating for this requires little effort and you can be sure you have a good idea of where you are appearing in search results. The simplest and cheapest way is to install a secondary browser. If you don't know what a browser is, don't panic: a browser (or more specifically a "Web Browser") is the software you are using to view this web page. If you are looking at this and you aren't sure what your browser is, then statistical probability says you are most likely to be using Internet Explorer (is the icon you click on to open the web little blue 'e' with a yellow halo?).

As Windows is the most popular operating system, and Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows, unless you know that you want to change it, you are unlikely to. The thing is, it doesn't matter what browser you use, you can simply download a different browser and use that purely for checking your website's position in the search results.

Many different browsers are available. The most popular, aside from Internet Explorer, are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Don't panic if you are worried that any of these will be difficult to use, (almost) every website will appear almost exactly the same as it does now for you when using one of these. They are merely different windows onto the World Wide Web, the webpage itself will look and work pretty much the same way.

You should very regularly clear out the browser's history. You can download any of these browsers from their respective websites. All of them are 100% free.

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You could be missing out on
30-40% of new business
SEO is the method of getting your website found for what you do and
where you do it. It is essential for your business to be found on Page
One of Google search results or you will lose out on business to the
companies that are.
We have the skills to get you there and keep you there.
Search Engine Optimisation
93% of people use
Google to find goods
and services
The internet is connected to everything and everyone - it's
become part of our lifestyle and the advertising marketplace
has changed to reflect this.
'How search works' by Google's Matt Cutts
Each dominated area is equivalent to a full page, full colour advert in an old Yellow Pages book
Thankfully, with Page 1 positioning on Google search, you only compete with a handful of other local companies, rather than the hundreds of businesses you would be within traditional print advertising.
Did you know? Yellow Pages has ceased to print in 2017
Search Engine Optimisation
Our track record across 15 years speaks for itself
If you're interested in how you can grow your business with search engine optimisation, or wish to kick-start your business from day one, our team can walk you through proven strategies to pin your company to the first page of Google search. We have the skills to get you there and keep you there.
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  Speak to our team about SEO Strategy
Search Engine Optimisation
Get found on Google
Statistics show Google is the largest
marketplace in the world - 93% of people
use Google to find goods and services.
SEO Company
Increase your traffic
Google Page 1 positioning exposes
your business to hundreds of people
searching for your service.
Search Engine Optimisation
Expand your territory
Begin planning your empire by appearing
within new geographical territory on
Google search.
SEO Specialists
Grow your services
Looking to promote a new service?
We can create a strategy to bring in new
leads through Google search.
Search Engine Opimisation
Generate enquiries
Stand out from the crowd and you'll
have the opportunity to attract new
business directly from Google search.
Google Search Optimisation
Google Maps
Establish your presence within
Google local searches and improve
your business profile.
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